Pre-Diploma in Automobile Engineering (Special Scholarship) -40Seats


This is Nepal Government funded program that aims to uplift the disadvantaged group, area and community by providing full scholarship to dalit, muslim, biped, marginalized group. The scholarship includes living allowance, hostel, uniform and transportation.

Nepal Government, Ministry of Education implemented the letter grading system in SLC from 2072 B.S. The door of TSLC programme is open for those students who have appeared in SLC exam and achieved any GPA and any grade in each subject. Focusing on such students the curriculum of TSLC of 29 months and 15 months have been converted into 18 months to create uniformity among different TSLC programme. This curriculum is designed to produce basic level human resources in the field of automobile industry equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of technicians so as to meet the demand of such technician in the country. It is based on practical exposure in different areas as required. In every subject, topical explanations will be followed by demonstrations by instructors and in all tasks, students will be asked to practice by themselves through do-ityourself/hands-on practices so that they can internalize what they learn in the classroom. Title: The title of the programme is TSLC in Automobile Engineering


The program aims is preparing competent basic level workforce in the field of automobile engineering.


 Perform bench work and welding works

 Prepare simple auto mechanical drawing.

 Familiarize with basic computer works

 Repair and maintain automobile vehicles.

 Repair and maintain various automobile components.

 Assemble /disassemble various automobile systems.

 Familiarize with auto electrical and electronics system.

 Troubleshoot the automobile system.

Programme Description:

This curriculum is designed to produce competent workforce equipped with skills, knowledge and attitudes in the field of automobile engineering. Graduates of this program will be capable to perform basic mechanical works, and repair and maintenance of automobile vehicles and related plants. There are altogether seven subjects, which covers all related areas of the automobile engineering. The focus on this curriculum is given to enhance practical skills, enable techniques and develop competency.

Course Duration:

This course will be completed within 18 months. There will be 15 months (40 hours/week X 52 weeks = 2060 hrs. class plus 3 months (480 hrs) on the job training (OJT).

Entry criteria:

Individuals with following criteria will be eligible for this program:

 SLC with any grade and any GPA (Since 2072 SLC).

 SLC appeared (Before 2072 SLC)

 Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT

Group size:

The group size will be maximum 24 (twenty four) in a batch.